Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sandra Bailey, nee Frampton writes:

I have just come across your reviews of Shapwick on a visit to Priest House Museum in Wimborne. It was lovely to read about Shapwick in the old days. I am Sandra (nee Frampton) youngest daughter of Sid who married Joan in 1953. Sid was one of the brothers of Bob Frampton who you mention in your review.

Mum, Dad and Susan lived in White Cottage, and Little Falcon by the Church, before I was born. I lived with them in the cottage on Church Street. It is also where Uncle Bob spent his last years. though we had moved to Colehill long before then.

I have vague memories of Gran Frampton as I was very young when she died but remember visiting her in her cottage and her getting the sweet jar down from the shelf.

I was born in February 1963 and am told the snow was knee deep as referred to in the Great Blizzard, Mum finally got to hospital by ambulance where I was born in Poole General and couldn't believe the lack of snow there.

I have many fond memories of Shapwick and lived in the cottage opposite Pub in Church Street (i think Dr Norman lived opposite) until 1967 when we moved to Colehill.

We spent many a summers afternoon visiting Auntie Hild and Uncle Jim Snook at Queens Cottages and spent many a happy time exploring the lanes with my cousin Barry. we used to look for Easter bunnies on Easter Sunday up Swan Lane. and hunt for birds eggs.

We used to have cycle races to Ash trees and back, and go for walks up the lanes with Dad, Mum, Auntie Hild and Uncle Jim where we saw a "Shuvvies nest" - a non existent birds nest, we used to look for it and someone used to shove you in the hedge!!! You only did it once! I always seemed to fall for it.

We also used to spent Christmas with Auntie Hild and Uncle Jim, with a traditional drink down 'Pub' on Boxing Day for the adults - being Dad, Uncle Jim, Susan, her husband Alan, Marg, Dick and Bri and Pat Snook. Mum and Auntie Hild used to stay behind and cook dinner and look after the kids. Barry and I joined them down the pub when we were old enough just to see what it was all about!!

I was always fascinated by the Hunt on Boxing Day with all the colours and lovely horses, but didn't realise the cruelty at that young age, I remember seeing Auntie Hilds shooing away some hounds that had got into the kitchen!!

I too remember Bottle and Jug and we also used to look out for our Dads at the bar. or we would sit out in the garden and play on the swing.

I also remember the thatched bus shelter by Cross.

Also the paperman in his 'Hillman' car(?) I think it was. We used to run down the path for fear of missing him with sweet money clutched in our hands, and that smell when he opened his boot full of sweets, I often get that memory when I walk in a sweet shop today.

I also remember visiting Auntie Cis and Uncle Frank when I was young and loved the pathways to their house with the clear ditch running underneath the path.

My sister Susan will have lots more memories than me as she is 9 years older. Her friends I remember were Marg Jewell, Ann Kerley and Liz Kerley.

I also remember the annual coach trip to Weymouth, I remember Mrs Parrott used to sit with us on the beach and have photos with the ladies in their summer dresses and men in shirt and ties - no bathers or trunks for them!! We used to stop on the way back in the Red Lion for a shandy or two - for the adults of course, ours was a lemonade and packet of crisps.

Dad recently passed away in April 2005 but always had stories to tell of "Shabbick" , Dad is in one of the pictures on your website, outside the Anchor with the children all stood to the right, Dad is the one leaning on the bike, My sister Susan bought this picture for Dad as a fond memory, but didnt have any idea it was Dad in the picture until he told us. He even remembers the picture being taken as it took so long to take pictures in those days!!.

It has been nice to look back

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  1. Hi Sandra I used to live in Crabb cottage, church street i to am a Sandra, Kerley we ended up together in school at Q.E. , your memories are very similar to mine, i guess being born the same year and living in the same street they would be, do you ever visit shapwick now? I still go there often i have familey there and visit Mike and Connie Jewell who are godparents to my children and I to recently lost dad in 2007 and he is buried in the church yard in shapwick next to his mum and dad.