Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Linda Buttle, nee Spooner writes:

"Susan [Edge] and I are the same age as we went to school together - and I remember it was my 9th birthday when she give me a white rabbit in a basket and it had his head looking out of the basket and I was so proud of it. I showed it to everyone at school and home, because it meant a lot to me as it came from a friend it was so sweet. My Aunt Lou Mace, she did live down Pound in a cottage past Jim Taylor, and when the river come up high after all the rain she had to go upstairs as the water would come in the place. Then she moved next to Kate Boyt where she stayed untill she passed away years ago. And I also remember Richard Cave - we would be standing in the bus shelter for the school bus - and Richard would stand on his sister's hand and pull her pigtails as hard as he could and she did do a thing because she was older than him so he'd get away with it. My grandad Sid Bennet he worked for the Cave family until he got too old to work. I have a photo of my grandad and Cyril Cave (who lived next door and who was Robert Cave's dad and Richard and Julia's grandad..."

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